Acclux client invoice portal now supports invoice preview


By acclux team August 19 , 2015

We are excited to announce that client invoice portal now supports invoice preview. This means that in addition to your customizable invoice summary portal that your client use to pay outstanding invoices online, your clients can now also view and print invoices right from the portal.

Helping our clients to present themselves in a professional way and continuously providing them with the tools that boost cash flow and get paid faster through automating the entire invoice to cash process, are one of the major goals here at Acclux.

Here’s how.

1- Login to your Acclux accounting and go to settings.
2- Let’s first check the invoice template and make sure the design is reflecting your brand, so you can get paid by your clients efficiently. You can use Acclux invoice built-in templates or create your unique one from scratch [See How!]. 
Create professional invoice with acclux
3- While you are at the settings page. Go to the [Invoice Portal] to check the design. The customizable portal is part of your marketing strategy. A properly designed invoice portal can increase your level of professionalism.
Client Invoice Portal to get paid online with acclux and paypal

Ta-da! Now you have an invoice preview part of your invoice portal!

To get the most out of your invoice preview new feature, we suggest testing it first by exporting your invoice to a PDF version, also make sure your PayPal configuration already in place before start sending invoices to your clients and remember you can always check your outgoing mail server configurations from the setting page.

If you need some help in customizing your invoice and start impressing your clients. Reach us and we will be happy to work with you.

If you are not an acclux accounting user, you can try it today and enjoy 14-day free trial of a complete accounting & project management software that's easy to use.

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Get more information about acclux accounting
Get more information about acclux accounting & PayPal online payment

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