The 1099 Vendor feature is now part of the acclux standard package


By acclux team July 30 , 2015

As we are going very close to the end of the year, we know that preparation is very important and we also understand that you have to be ready when the time comes in to prepare your 1099 Misc. forms. We have decided to make a 1099 Vendor Pro feature part of the standard package.

Starting today, all acclux standard users will have access to a 1099 vendor feature that can be used to reduce time to prepare your 1099 Misc. forms.

It’s easy to get up and running with the 1099 Vendor feature!

Simply login or register for an acclux account.

  • Go the Settings > 1099 Categories to manage your categories and thresholds. Each year, after you have issued the 1099-MISC forms to vendors, it is a good idea to determine whether the federal government has changed the form categories on the 1099-MISC form for the next year. You can get this information from the government or from your certified public accountant (CPA). If categories have changed.
  • Go to Vendors and update the Federal Tax ID Number. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues a nine-digit federal tax ID number (also called an employer identification number, or EIN) to corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietors that employ one or more individuals.
  • In the Vendor form .Select the Vendor 1099 check box if you must track payments to the vendor and possibly send them a 1099 form at year end.

Now, it's time to check it out and print your summary and detailed 1099 reports.

1099 Detail report
The 1099 Detail report contains detailed information about the amounts you have paid vendors associated with 1099 categories in Acclux Accounting. It includes only those payments that meet the following conditions:

  • The payments are made to a vendor you have marked as a 1099 vendor.
  • The payments that are posted to those accounts have been associated with a 1099 category.
  • The sum of payments to the vendor exceeds the thresholds you set for 1099 categories in the Manage 1099 Categories dialog box.

You can use this report to review amounts paid and their associated 1099 categories and payment dates. You can also check the information in this report to prevent errors in printing your 1099-MISC forms at tax time, as well as to review additional information, such as transaction types, bill numbers, and charged accounts.

1099 Summary report
The 1099 Summary report shows the amounts spent with each vendor that your company has specified as a 1099 vendor. Check the information on this report to prevent errors in printing your 1099-MISC forms at tax time.

1099-Misc Deadlines
It is important to keep the deadlines in mind.

  • February 2nd is the deadline for providing copies to your vendors/contractors
  • March 2nd is the deadline for providing paper copies to the IRS.
  • March 31st is the deadline for e-filing with the IRS

We truly recommend to check with the IRS to confirm deadlines! Different states may also have additional deadlines; make sure to check with your state.

From W-9
It's really a good practice to ask your vendors to fill out and submit From W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, when you first establish the relationship.

Thanks to everyone who shared the feedback that introduce to this feature; as always, please keep your wish lists and suggestions coming! We love hearing from you and we believe it is all for you.

If you are not an acclux accounting user, you can try it today and enjoy 14-day free trial of a complete accounting & project management software that's easy to use.

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