Easier way to access acclux accounting software from the chrome web store

acclux accounting on the chrome store

Install the shortcut from the chrome web store and login with your acclux accounting username 

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accounting app for Chrome book

Chrome book users will have the opportunity to run their business with a simple and complete accounting software. You'll enjoy acclux accounting software on your Chrome book.  

Available the chrome web store

acclux accounting software is available on the chrome web store for free. Once you've logged in to chorme web store, you can download the app and start enjoying it

No purchase or re-signup

acclux accounting app is free on the chrome web store, you don’t need to purchase or re-signup for anything. Install the shortcut and login with your acclux accounting username.


Fast access to acclux accounting

Have a quick and easier way to access acclux accounting software via a convenient shortcut on the Google Chrome browser. 

Performance improvement

750 million uses trusted the Chrome browser, it's stable channel and it will help you to run acclux accounting software with the best performance.

Familiar desktop experience

Have a similar desktop experience with full screen view, icons and shortcut for fast access to acclux accounting software.




  • What's acclux accounting?

    acclux accounting software is simple, yet complete accounting and project management system. It has been designed specifically to meet the need of small yet growing business. acclux is a cross platform application, it’s web-based, and works with Mac, iOS, PC and Android. acclux accounting helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to save time and money on everyday tasks.


  • Why acclux accounting?

    acclux accounting is on cloud and works from anywhere and at any time, you will always be able to access your data and know the status of your business. All your data is secured and your system will always be up-to-date with no extra fees. With the help of acclux accounting you will be able to enjoy your business and do what you love to do.


  • How to start working with acclux accounting software ?

    It's easy to start using acclux accounting software, just sign up for free trial today with no credit card is required, no obligation, and you cancel at any time. You have the exact full experience of full account users.

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