Never waste a minute

With acclux timer you will know the exact time you spent on every task, acclux timer will improve your productivity and efficiency.

acclux timer for Android devices

Never waste a minute on a task with acclux timer
Everything is in sync with acclux timer

Everything is in sync

All time entries are automatically synced with acclux accounting, once you've recorded a log in acclux timer you will be able to review it right away on acclux accounting.

acclux timer for iOS devices

Team collaboration

acclux timer will help you to collaborate with your team, you will know what your team is working on and what they've accomplished.

acclux timer for Windows phones

Collaborate with your team with acclux timer
Everything is in sync with acclux timer

Increase Productivity

  • Record time spent on tasks.
  • Automatically synced with acclux accounting.
  • Track time for specific task on project.
  • View assigned tasks in details.
  • View your log history.
  • Multiple logs for any selected task.
  • Many time entries for every task as needed.
  • Keeps running in the background.

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