3 simple tips to train your mindset on how to achieve goals


By acclux team November 03 , 2015

If you really want to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true, you need to learn how to train and energize your mindset. Your mindset is your engine that fuel your lifestyle and raise your standards to help you go beyond your limits.

A lot of people are overwhelmed with information, especially in today’s connected world we are living in. This overload puts them in inaction status and eventually they stuck. This is where having a focused mindset tells the difference.

Here are few tips that help you shape your mind and fuel your engine:

Know who you are and what you want to be.
There is nothing worse in life than taking the road without knowing your destination, so, please if you really have no clear goals set yet. Stop here and ask yourself who you are and what you want to be. Be specific and write down all the why’s. Use your phone reminders, your notebook anything you feel comfortable with but, you should have it written somewhere.

Have a conscious commitment to your deadlines (Urgency)
If you want to accomplish your goals and become the Rockstar that everyone wants to learn from. You must have a sense of urgency. You need to learn that now really matters and tomorrow can easily kill your motivation and put your goals away. Start today and never waste your time again. Time is your machine for wealth and self-peace so, be careful with it.

Stay focus and prioritize your task list
Prioritize your activities based on importance and stop multitasking by concentrating on one specific task with achievable results in a certain amount of time. This is a real game changer that can transform your entire life and move your career forward. Practicing focus and exercising priorities without interruption is what most of the people are missing today.

Learn how to disconnect your technology and how prepare your timer before you turn your computer on. Richard Branson says, “Focus is more important than intelligence.” We came into the world with more talent than we actually use and we make choices that differentiate us, so value yourself and the other will do, never sell yourself short and stay focused and everything will follow.

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