Capital budgeting decisions: 2 tips for leaders


By acclux team July 27 , 2015

In today’s globalized information economy, fast decisions are more important than ever to drive business success. Forward-thinking enterprises are taking opportunities to a whole new level by continuously searching for new ideas or additional line of business that complement their offering and differentiate them from the competition.

And when management wants to invest in the new big thing that requires a huge investment—but the rewards potentially tremendous. Knowledge and collaboration can play a big role in effectively and efficiently, helping them in making such capital expenditure decisions.

Whether they are going to build new labs, hiring scientists, researching prototype or acquiring an entirely new venture. Planning for Capital Investments often has a significant impact on a company’s future profitability. In fact, poor capital budgeting decisions can cost a lot of money and lead to poor financial position.

But where do we start? What do we read? What should we learn?

First, what’s capital budgeting means? It is a process used by companies for evaluating and choosing among various capital projects to find the one(s) that will deliver high return on investment (ROI).

Here are two things you should have in place to make your budgeting decisions more effective.

Having an evaluation process.
This is an important one to start with if you want to successfully plan your next capital investment, think of it as the backbone or the path that your organization will follow when they do capital budgeting. A good capital budgeting project plan is the one that connects people with one another more easily and leverage information and insights of different departments in one place.

Cloud project management solution can help you to accomplish this task effectively, it lets you set your evaluation process with priories, work with various people at various levels in the company, and breaks down the organizational and geographic boundaries so your organization can take the right decision.

Understanding your cash flow very well
The value of all financial investments is determined by the value of cash flows received and paid. While, cash flow information may not be accessible or available in real scenarios, having a system that generate real-time cash flow statement will provide a valuable inputs that are considered relevant in capital budgeting decisions.

Of course, no successful capital investment project would be complete without the risk associated with it and how certain are the projected returns? Have your numbers ready in place that easy to share with your board members will help in your next investment project regardless of the technique that you will use to evaluate your capital investments. So there you go. A two things to help you start planning your next big investment.

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