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By acclux team July 28 , 2015

Dropbox is modern cloud storage that lets you store your files online, sync them to all your devices, and share them easily. While, all these features sound outstanding there is one thing that can transform your business and help your team to engage and collaborate in a new way.

Imagine for a second, these digital assets which available to you everywhere are connected to the right project and accessible to all your team members to collaborate on them from every device. Sound interesting right?

The cloud has shifted the way that business interact with technology, raise the bar and bring new possibilities to manage and run today’s business. With this amazing cloud document management solution that’s fully integrated with your financial and project management back office your productivity and collaboration has no limits.

Why DropBox ?
Free Storage: Dropbox offers free storage up to 2GB, with the chance to increase that up to 16GB free by referring others.
Sync It Up: Dropbox offers comprehensive software to sync your files for Mac, Windows or Linux.
Security: Dropbox for Business uses strong cipher encryption for file data in transit and at rest, as well as file segmentation and hashing to anonymize files.

How Does it work with Acclux Accounting?

  • Connect your DropBox account to Acclux accounting.
  • Enable digital assets for your projects and jobs.
  • Upload your digital assets from Acclux accounting.
  • Your team now can collaborate and engage from everywhere, anytime using Acclux accounting.

Here are the instructions to try it out:
1. Go to Settings > Files to activate DropBox first.
2. Activate your DropBox account by entering your Dropbox username and password.
3. Go to Settings > Project/Job Settings and check [enable digital assets].
4. To upload an asset for your project/job. Go to Project/Job and select the project/job that you want to manage assets for.

Congratulation, now your DropBox drive in connected and ready to use.

5. An [Assets] button will be added to the action bar. Click on the button.
6. You and your team can start managing and collaborating digital assets for your projects/jobs.

Once you've had set it up and you start to managing your files from Acclux accounting. You can provide feedback to us.

Want to know more?
Get more information about acclux accounting
Get more information about dropbox 

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