acclux point of sale webinars


Introduction to acclux point of sale software

Learn how acclux point of sale will help you to grow your business with easy customizable point of sale and complete inventory management.

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Manage inventory with acclux point of sale

Find out how you can easily manage your inventory and track your stocks, learn how to define your products and its variants, located your products in your stores and more.

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Checkout process with acclux point of sale

Complete walk-through to a checkout process from selling your products to accept payment and print or email your receipt. You will enjoy this webinar.

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Working and managing multiple stores

Learn how to manage all your stores easily and how you can view all your stores data in real time using any of your machines or smart devices.

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Customize your entire sale from start to end

Learn how you can customize acclux point of sale starting from setup your store settings, define and set up your registers, keypads and receipts.

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Essential guide of pricing products with acclux pos

Pricing your products is flexible and you have more than one option to price your products and put them in sales period, learn all that in the webinar

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